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"This is my gift to the world. This is my prophecy".

Zach Klein/ Proph3cY is a Singer/ Rapper/ Songwriter originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. His name symbolizes a unique story (he was born with only 3 fingers on his right hand). In turn, he embodies an undeniable prophecy‚Äď a message to "accept all that's given to you". The young artist's music illustrates a fresh and truthful perspective on the modern world. He balances between lyrics that are only true to him and an original jazzy blues style that operates on the same notion. "When it's all said and done, making songs that people love is the most rewarding feeling I've experienced. The number one thing I can hope for is that I'm remembered for staying true to who I am. I am surely convinced that I was not born naturally talented. I've worked hard for the qualities & abilities that people perceive as 'talent'. I like failure, and I fail often. It yields rewards that people initially understand to be misfortunes. Allowing the uncomfortable to soon feel comfortable is an underlying basis you'll find in many of my songs". Now, in 2017, The 22 year old artist currently lives in Los Angeles, and working on his debut EP, "Coastline". Read More at (Click Bio Page to Read More...)


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